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Once you book with HopRocket™, put us to the test. If you find a lower rate on a hotel, condo, cruise, car rental or airfare after you’ve booked with us, HopRocket™ will match the price. Guaranteeing the lowest rate when you book with HopRocket™. Please note that this guarantee does not apply to Weekend Getaways, Packages, VIP Trips or the HopShop™.
HopRocket Flights and Hotels


Example 1

Let’s say that you book a hotel with HopRocket at $90 a night for 3 nights ($270). Later that day, you find a reservation outside of HopRocket for that same hotel (with the same dates, same room size and amenities) for $80 a night for 3 nights ($240). That’s a difference of $30!

Under the Price Match Guarantee, we'll credit you the difference of $30 in Rocket Rewards™.

Example 2

Let’s say you book the following flight on HopRocket for the rate of $385: Explorer Airlines – flight #388, Los Angeles to New York City departs on November 4th at 10:30 AM (seat 11A). Later that day, you find a cheaper flight for the same dates on Safety Airlines. In an effort to get a price match that is offered for Airfare, you send in a Price Match Guarantee form showing the difference in price. This form would be rejected because it’s not the same airline or same flight number.

Now, let’s say you booked the Explorer Airlines flight mentioned above with HopRocket and then, later that day, you found a lower price on a different website for the same flight number. The only difference is that the flight to NYC has you in seat 25F. Would you be eligible for the Price Match Guarantee price match? No. The flight number may be the same, but the difference in seat assignment (and therefore seat class distinction) does not make this an identical comparison. If you found a cheaper rate for the same price and same seat class distinction, we’d expect to hear from you with a completed claim form. At that point, we could give you a price match.

Example 3

For your dream trip to New England, you use HopRocket to book a room with a queen-sized bed at the Comfy Cozy Bed N’ Breakfast in Cornwall, Connecticut at $49 a night from April 18th-April 22nd. Later that night, you start browsing for cheaper rates and come across the Kinda Cozy Bed N’Breakfast just down the street for the same dates, but they offer a room with a queen-sized bed at $39 a night. Would that qualify for the Price Match Guarantee? No. The booking must be for the same hotel.

If you were to find a rate that evening for a room with a double-sized bed at the Comfy Cozy BnB for $40 a night, would that count? Unfortunately not. The room types would need to be identical. Now, if you found a room with a queen-sized bed at the Comfy Cozy BnB for the same dates, April 18th-April 22nd, for $39 on the same day you made your HopRocket booking, then you’d be eligible to take advantage of the Price Match Guarantee. You’d simply need to fill out a claim form and show proof of the lower rate by providing a time-stamped screenshot and URL of that listing by 11:59 PM (Mountain time) of the same day.

Think You Found a Cheaper Rate Than What HopRocket™ Offers? Complete the following steps:

  • Make a HopRocket booking first. A claim will not be considered unless the HopRocket booking was made and then the cheaper booking was found later that same day.
  • Double check that the cheaper rate you found is for the same dates, hotel, venue, and/or service/airline. For instance, if you booked a Marriott hotel with HopRocket and then find a  cheaper rate at the Sheraton, that doesn’t count. If you find a cheaper rate for that same Marriott with the same dates and same room type, now we’re talking.
  • Access the “Price Match Guarantee form” from your at the bottom of the page.
  • Print off the form and fill it out. Most importantly, provide the URL or a clear screenshot that shows the cheaper price you found and include that with your form. Your screenshot must  explicitly and clearly show the date and time so that we can ensure that the cheaper rate was found before midnight of the same day.
  • All fields must be completed for a claim to be processed. Any incomplete submissions will not be considered. Members may not submit a Price Match Guarantee form on behalf of  others.
  • You must submit all necessary documentation to cs@hoprocket.com by 11:59 PM (Mountain) of the same day on which you made your HopRocket booking.
  • Requests must be validated by HopRocket and in full compliance with the terms and conditions of this program. Upon validation of lower rates on a hotel, condo, cruise, car rental or flight the member will be awarded a credit the difference of the lower price in Rocket Rewards.

Please contact our Customer Service team cs@hoprocket.com if you have not received a response within 5 business days.

Thank you for your kind consideration as we make the Lowest Rate Guarantee process more user friendly.

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